Statement of Protest against Resumption of Active Recommendation for HPV Vaccines (Cervical Cancer Vaccines)

Statement of Protest against Resumption of Active Recommendation for HPV Vaccines (Cervical Cancer Vaccines)


November 12, 2021
HPV Vaccine Drug Injury Lawsuit National Plaintiffs Group
Representative: Nanami Sakai
National Legal Defense Team for HPV Vaccine Drug Injury Lawsuits
Co-representative: Masumi Mizuguchi
Co-representative: Miaki Yamanishi

Today, the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) decided that it is appropriate to end the status of withholding active recommendation of the HPV vaccines, which has been continued since June 2013.

This must be an extremely unjustified conclusion that ignores the seriousness of the damage of victims and many scientific findings.

The adverse reactions of the HPV vaccines that have led to the suspension of the active recommendation include headache, generalized pain, hypersensitivity, weakness, involuntary movements, gait disturbance, severe fatigue, sleep disturbance, severe menstrual disturbance, memory disturbance and learning disabilities. The severity of the adverse reactions is characterized by the multilayered manifestation of symptoms in a single patient. The seriousness of adverse reactions to the HPV vaccines is shown by the fact that a rate approved as serious conditions in the relief system is 20 times higher than those who had quadruple combination, measels and rubella vaccinations.


On the other hand, since the government has not conducted follow-up surveys of vaccinated persons that the victims have ever been calling for, the exact frequency of occurrence of these adverse reactions and type of person vulnerable to the vaccines have not been clarified, and the government has yet to provide public with sufficient information.


Treatment methods for the adverse reactions have not been established, and cooperating medical institutions are not fully functioning. Some doctors do not even admit the victims are really suffering and argue that the victims have engaged in malingering. Even in the application of the relief system, many of the victims are decided by the authority that they are ineligible to receive compensation and the relief system is extremely inadequate.


Many of the victims who have followed the government’s  recommendation policy and received the vaccination have grown into adults, but they are still suffering from serious adverse reaction symptoms. They are facing indescribable anguishes including being forced to give up their higher education and future goals, facing difficulties in finding employment, and they are even criticized as if they have a harmful influence on society by increasing the number of cervical cancers.


Damages of these victims by the adverse reactions have not changed since 2013. The MHLW's explanation that it is providing " close supports" for victims is just a figment.

If the MHLW resumes the active recommendation, it is clear that there will be more victims who will experience the same suffering.


Research results from Japan and abroad have shown that adverse reactions the victims have been suffering are an immune-mediated neurological disorders caused by the HPV vaccines. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the HPV vaccines in reducing the lifetime incidence rate of cervical cancers has not ever been demonstrated.


Even with the HPV vaccines cervical cancer screening is necessary to prevent cervical cancers. For the prevention of cervical cancers, we should focus on screening with no adverse reactions and of which preventive effect has been scientifically proved.


We strongly protest against the resumption of the proactive recommendation of the HPV vaccines, which ignores scientific findings as mentioned above and would produce new victims.


If the government is going to force through the resumption of the active recommendation, it is essential to develop a relief system for victims and provide accurate information to those who wish to receive the vaccination. Therefore we demand that the government conduct research on treatment, develop a true medical care system, and conduct follow-up surveys on vaccinated persons to have a better understanding of status of adverse reactions.